Santiago’s infectious joy: a secret Cavepot ingredient

Santiagos’ laugh is, by far, his most particular feature. It is sort of an earthquake: once loose, everything around trembles and shakes and, above all, infects the rest.

Why do friends and colleagues call him Cuevas? This funny nickname has no science behind it. He is often told he looks like famous tennis player Pablo Cuevas, so everyone started calling him that way. Tennis is not precisely the sport he enjoys the most, but soccer and ping pong. Actually, that’s how he met Guille, with whom later created Cavepot.

They used to work at the same company and played ping- pong together. Cuevas tells us, a bit funny but serious, that Guille never won a single game. “He was my first friend there and the one who invited me to do stuff together”, he says.

They would also get together to go out for lunch, play soccer or just hang out. “I soon realized he was an amazing person, not only a professional, and that’s the most important thing”, he recalls. We simply can’t talk about Santi without mentioning Guille, and vice-versa.

“I remember coming home after the office and telling Emi (his girlfriend), ´Guille did this, Guille did that´, he says until the name was super familiar in his house.  They are a dynamic duo, such as Tom & Jerry, with the difference that they don’t fight (maybe only over soccer or a bar of chocolate).

Santiagos’ inclination to technology was not particularly a choice, but something that came naturally: he followed the area he was good at. He and Guille would joke about creating a system to deliver mate to each other. 10 years later they have their own software company. Crazy, isn’t it?

His colleagues define him as someone who, among other things, is “extrovert, always willing to help and knows all about technology’s latest news. In fact, what Cuevas loves about his field is how fast everything changes and how “we always have to learn new things”. Guille, on the other hand, says he is “someone who is constantly making others laugh and ready to help”.

If we ask Cuevas about the importance of keeping your team motivated, he says it is just the opposite: “They are the ones who motivate me. They are all people who I care about, and choose to have them by my side, both professionally and in my life”. That’s another thing he and Guille share: the decision to work with friends. In fact, what makes Cuevas most proud about Cavepot is “working with those I love”.

Santiagos’ laugh is not his only contagious attribute, his willingness to learn, create, and work infects everyone else in the office, keeping the team together, delivering the best results, and, above all, making the place a home.

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