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We always want our things to look “pretty” and we are attracted to “pretty “ things. However, pretty does not always mean effective and user friendly.


How many times, have you come across a super cool website that seems to take forever to load? I don’t know about you but to me, that is extremely frustrating! Having those kinds of issues makes people leave before they can even get your message across. That’s when a good practical design wins over a super elaborated but slow one.


What does that mean? well it basically means that the user enjoys the platform, it is easy for them to navigate it, they find everything they are looking for immediately, it loads fast and they even like de look and feel of it. That would be the perfect experience.


First you need to think of you message, the basics. From your target audience to the imagery that you will be using to communicate it. The platforms in which it will be posted are also very important to keep in mind, are the users going to see it primarily on their phone? On their desktop? Ask yourself those kinds of questions.

Once you have it all set up you can go on with the frosting. These previous steps do not guarantee that your design will be perfect but you will be safe.


I suggest that when you think you new baby is done and ready to go out to the world you show it to friends, and family. They will be your best judges. If they don’t get it…. Then the chances that someone else would are very low.


Accept criticism! Sometimes we get to into our designs and love it so much that we forget that others are supposed to understand it. Don’t go to abstract (unless that’s your goal) don’t be to basic either, be yourself and try to express that through your designs, listen to your clients in the end, they are the ones that “know what they want”. Make it simple, make it clear, make it user friendly.




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